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5 Ways Customised Tags Make Your Operations Smarter

Taryn Lewis

It can seem a difficult to maximise productivity without giving in on safety in the workplace, but customised tags are a simple way to help you achieve just that. Not only do they display safety-critical messages, but they can also include process-specific instructions. It helps your workers carry out their task in the most efficient way possible.

1. Cutdown workplace injuries

The top priority for employers is to ensure their workforce can carry out their tasks in a safe environment.  With nearly half a million people sustaining an injury at work in the UK last year, it’s never been more important to review how you can make your working environment safer. The more commercial side to workplace injuries is the time and cost incurred.

Customised tags are the quick-to-implement option. As they’re fitted exactly to your current procedures, they can be put straight into use. No extensive changes to processes or training of staff needed.

2. Cater for bilingual workforce

It’s critically important that safety instructions are clear to every worker onsite, no matter what their native language is.  Custom tags can be designed to repeat instructions in multiple languages to ensure everyone understands what is required of them.

3. Provide accurate safety instructions

Generic tags have generic wording. The likelihood is that your workplace has its own unique set of safety challenges. With off-the-shelf Tags, these dangers aren’t going to be properly managed. The common result is that they’re more often ignored by workers as they don’t see any point in them. They’re an effort to use and appear to be an unnecessary H&S formality. Customising the Tag makes it easy to follow as it’s clear how it relates to the application it’s assigned to.

4. Improve your corporate image

Putting your logo on safety tags sends a powerful message to your employees that you care about safety.  After all, these Tags are proof that you’ve taken the time to care for the wellbeing of your staff, not just simply to comply with regulations.  Custom tags also give you the option to use your company colours and fonts to keep a consistent branding right across a site.  You could include your own company-specific terminology or acronyms, and these can be incorporated into a customised tag.

5. Customised to fit your procedures

Perhaps the best reason to opt for customising your tags is to increase their efficiency when in use. No doubt you have many existing company procedures in place to ensure safe and effective processes are carried out. On complex sites such as refineries or chemical manufacturing plants, these are safety critical processes, and they must be followed.

With custom tags, you can specify the exact design you need to ensure they are totally relevant to their application.  Multi-part tags, such as Flange Tags, can also act like a step-by-step checklist for workers, to ensure they complete each stage of a process accurately and efficiently.

Customise your own Tags with REGALTAGS

Designing a custom tag can be daunting, with a lot of things to think about. That’s why we’ve simplified the whole process with our online Custom Tag Builder. You can use this to sketch out your concept and submit it to our Tag designers to finalise.

Alternatively, if that doesn’t work for you, just give us a call or message us and our Tag advisors are ready to help. We have created over 12,000 customised Tag designs so we’re able to share best-practice designs from across the industry.


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