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What makes a compliant LOLER Inspection Tag?

Braden Lewis

In this article, we will be investigating what is required of LOLER inspection tags, and why compliance with these regulations is essential.

Lifting equipment such as cranes, hoists, and various types of lifts, as well as accessories like slings, hooks, and shackles, must all be regularly inspected and recorded for the safety of employees.

According to LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations), all lifting equipment must be thoroughly examined to detect any defects that might pose a risk. The use of lifting inspection tags is required to keep employees informed and ensure no equipment is missed or presents a danger to the user. 

In this article, we will be investigating what is required of LOLER inspection tags, and why compliance with these regulations is essential.

What is LOLER?

LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) is a set of regulations in the United Kingdom that apply to the safe use of lifting equipment. The regulations are intended to ensure that lifting equipment is used safely and minimise risks to workers and others. They require employers to conduct regular inspections and tests of lifting equipment and keep records of these inspections and tests.

crane/ hoist inspection tags

What are LOLER inspection tags?

According to LOLER, “Records should be kept of all thorough examinations and inspections, and of the Declarations of Conformity for all lifting equipment and lifting accessories”. Often, these records come in the form of an inspection tag, and a long-form report, but today we will just be exploring the LOLER inspection tags.

LOLER inspection tags, also known as LOLER examination tags, are tags or labels that are attached to lifting equipment to indicate that the equipment has been inspected and tested in accordance with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER). 

These tags typically include information such as the date of the inspection, the name of the inspector, and the status of the equipment (e.g., "passed" or "failed"). They are intended to provide a clear and visible record of when the equipment was last inspected and to remind personnel when the next inspection is due.

Compliant Lifting Inspection Tags

Order Your LOLER Tags Here lifting inspections tag

What makes a compliant LOLER inspection tag?

In many cases, lifting equipment is often situated in locations that are subject to harsh conditions which can be damaging, and increase the chance of accidents or injury. Regular thorough examinations of lifting equipment are therefore legally required according to LOLER. 

However, in harsh conditions, these examinations require durable and clear inspection tags that will keep the status of each item and its inspection history visible to personnel. To ensure your inspection tags are LOLER complaint, they must be:

  • UV and fade-resistant: In order to avoid short-lived tags and keep safety messages clear for longer, investing in lifting inspection tags that are manufactured from UV and fade-resistant materials is recommended.
  • Freeze-resistant: Investing in freeze-proof inspection tags will ensure critical information is kept visible and reliable for longer. Freeze resistance means that it doesn’t go brittle and crack with impact. This will help to reduce reported incidents and save money and time.
  • Legible & clear design: To avoid the risk of safety information going unseen, LOLER inspection tags must be printed clearly with the correct spellings to ensure there is no confusion. One way to test the clarity of your design is to show it to a colleague who hasn't seen the tag before and ask them to explain what it is saying. This will help you identify any confusion that the tag may create.
  • Customisable: Generic inspection tags tend to have generic wording, and messaging. However, for multinational corporations with offices in various locations, each workplace is likely to present its own set of unique safety challenges that generic tags cannot adequately address. Customisable lifting inspection tags ensure all workers have equal access to critical lifting equipment safety information.

LOLER compliant Inspection tags from REGALTAGS

At REGALTAGS, we understand the importance of thorough inspections in accordance with LOLER standards and that reliable, visible markings are an essential part in making sure no equipment is missed or presents a danger. 

That’s why we recommend the REGALTAGS self-fastening TUFFX inspection tag, suitable in the toughest of environments. With a wide range of bright UV-stabilised colours, the TUFFX Tag remains highly visual to help identify any missing inspections. The TUFFX Tag can also be fully customised to suit your inspection needs. 

If you’re in need of a tagging solution that supports LOLER regulations, contact our team today. We can help maintain a thorough inspection process with highly durable and customisable tags designed for your business.  


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