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benefits of regaltags

Why do global brands across a range of critical industries rely on systems from REGALTAGS to control their critical processes? Here's a few insights to explain.


UV protected, freeze resistant and all-weather proof materials to provide a reliable Tagging system.

The REGALTAGS® Prism® material has been designed and produced specifically to endure the harshest environments worldwide. Very early on, we realised how important a role tagging plays in minimising operational risks, so we knew we needed to create something that could be relied upon in any environment. With UV-protection, it won’t fail over time even under intense sunlight. It’s also freeze-resistant so doesn’t succumb to even the coldest temperatures. It's no surprise it's chosen by the majority of mainstream oil and gas operators globally.

It also provides an environmentally friendly way of Tagging too, but you can see more on this below!

prism material


We use 100% recyclable Tag materials only.

Our clients have aspiring goals to fulfil their environmental responsibilities and we believe in doing all we can to exceed their expectations. We focus on three key areas in our product lifecycle:

  1. Sustainable Manufacturing. ISO 14001 accreditation ensures we maintain our environmental commitment. Our Prism material is inherently good to the environment as it uses minimal energy in production. Also, our Zero-to-Landfill waste policy significantly reduces our CO2 footprint.
  2. Reliability in Operational Use. Our tags are design to outlast their expected lifetime eliminating the need for replacements and unnecessary waste. This also ensures Tags don't accidentally detach and pollute the environment.
  3. Environmentally Friendly Disposal. A core quality of all our Tags is their 100% recyclability. This gives you the opportunity to minimise impact on the environment by reducing landfill waste. Request the REGALTAGS Environmental Brochure now for details how we can help.
Environmentally Friendly


A library of 12,000+ tried and tested Tagging designs and experienced advisors to assist you.

We believe bespoke tagging systems are the most effective as they ensure every step of your processes are accounted for. Following this belief for years, we’ve accumulated a library of over 12,000 Tag options for different applications - that's a huge amount!

With these tried and tested solutions, our Tagging Advisors are experts and work closely with many blue-chip companies to create and improve their tagging procedures.

It doesn't stop at the design stage though, we take your Tags right through to delivery. Our in-house manufacturing facilities are specifically designed for Tagging meaning you will get the best quality Tags on very fast lead times.

10,000+ Design Library

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