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REGALTAGS safety tags assist operations at BP’s Seagull oil field

Braden Lewis

REGALTAGS’ customised tagging solution was recently used at BP's Seagull oil field to enhance safety measures. The Seagull project, spearheaded by engineers Nicola Stevenson and Teresa Bachelet, faced unique challenges, and involved the use of reliable safety procedures from REGALTAGS.

Project overview: BP’s Seagull oil field

The Seagull project set out with an ambitious mission: connecting four new wells to the 25-year-old central processing facility (CPF) of the Eastern Trough Area Project (ETAP) hub, located 140 miles east of Aberdeen, Scotland. The challenge was heightened by the need to integrate the new infrastructure with existing operations, a task akin to performing "open heart surgery" on a live platform, as described by Nicola Stevenson.

BP Seagull


Adapting to unforeseen challenges

The Seagull project faced unexpected hurdles when the global Covid-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns disrupted operations. Despite these challenges, the project team remained resilient in their commitment to safety and efficiency. Throughout it all, REGALTAGS maintained their world-class service, ensuring a seamless supply despite the challenging circumstances.

REGALTAGS at the heart of safety

RREGALTAGS safety tags played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless integration of the Seagull project. Designed for offshore conditions, these robust tags played a crucial role in tracking and monitoring safety-critical processes. Their reliable attachment and high visibility in all environments made REGALTAGS the ideal choice for facilitating efficient communication, displaying clear details on equipment status, potential hazards, and safety procedures.

The implementation of REGALTAGS safety tags at the Seagull oil field yielded significant benefits. Improved safety compliance, streamlined maintenance processes, enhanced emergency response capabilities, and data-driven decision-making are among the outcomes that have contributed to the overall success of the Seagull project.

Why REGALTAGS for Seagull

Given the project's intricacies, the choice of REGALTAGS safety tags was strategic. These custom safety tags met the specific requirements of the Seagull project, providing reliable tagging that is UV fade-resistant and freeze-proof. This ensures they don't fall off in any weather conditions and their critical message remains intact. In a live platform environment, where safety is non-negotiable, REGALTAGS safety tags emerged as a reliable and efficient solution.

Looking ahead

As the Seagull project sets new benchmarks in offshore oil operations, the role of REGALTAGS in enhancing safety measures becomes a model for the industry. By prioritising design and durability, REGALTAGS continues to contribute to the success of complex projects, ensuring the well-being of personnel and the environment.

Workplace safety tags from REGALTAGS

At REGALTAGS, our approach to safety tagging is simple. With a focus on durability and sustainability, we deliver tags that enhance the safety and productivity of your operations.

From isolation tags to flange tags, inspection tags, and more, we have your needs covered. Our complete range of safety tags is suitable for use in the harshest of environments.

If you’d like to help with your safety tags, get in touch today. Our Tagging advisors have experience in designing systems for the most complex projects. We’re more than happy to share this knowledge to help improve your safety systems.


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