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What makes a good safety tagging system? Everything you need to know

Braden Lewis

One way to control hazards and minimise risk in the workplace, especially for those operating in critical industries, is through safety tagging systems. We explore the subject further in this blog.

Across many working environments, potential hazards can be found left, right, and centre. From electrical appliances, through to heavy machinery, and even chemical sources, dangers that can cause serious harm are high and low. But that’s not to say we’re all at heavy risk.

When managed correctly, with precautionary measures in place, colleagues should feel at ease that their safety comes above all. There are many ways to control hazards and minimise risk in the workplace, especially for those operating in critical industries.

One of which are safety tagging systems - a simple yet effect way to identify and mark hazards until they are no longer a threat to the workforce.

In this article, we explore what makes a good safety tagging system, enabling you to maximise protection against hazards in the workplace.

1. Durability & Reliability

When searching for your safety tagging system, you want to make sure it’s both durable and reliable. If not, how will you depend on it to keep colleagues safe?

To understand whether a tag is durable (and therefore reliable) consider the following points:

  • Will the tag be used in an outdoors environment? – UV rays from the sun can be harmful to tags that aren’t specifically designed to withstand the elements. First of all, UV can cause the tag to fade, meaning the tag will no longer stand out and could become illegible. UV rays can also break down the tag material, causing it to become brittle and susceptible to detaching.

    To avoid this scenario altogether, a tag that has been designed and manufactured to cope with the outdoors is crucial. At REGALTAGS we supply UV resistant tags to companies all over the globe. Made from a unique material, Prism Polypropylene, our tags provide the durable and reliable aspects of tagging that maximise safety. For more information on our safety tagging systems and how they can support your operation, get in touch with our expert team today – we’re always happy to help and answer any questions you may have. 

  • Will the tag be in contact with any liquids (e.g oils, rain)? – Again, similar to the point above, you need to make sure that the tag you select is resistant to any moisture in the workplace. This could be oils, rain, or anything similar, as tags that aren’t designed for harsh environments may disintegrate under these conditions.

  • Will the tag be exposed to freezing temperatures? – If it’s cold and sub-zero temperatures are likely, many tag materials will shatter upon the slightest impact. To ensure your safety tagging system stand up to the cold, a freeze resistant material must be used.

2. Visibility

The purpose of safety tags is to make everyone present aware of the potential hazards around them. Therefore, you absolutely want to make your tags stand out, not blend in with the background.

For each safety tagging system introduced, think about where it’ll be placed, including the colour of background. From there, choose a high contrasting colour that stands out to the eye.

For example, if machinery in the workplace is yellow, choosing a dark blue tag will help it stand out.

3. Traceability

Traceable tags provide a range of benefits for many industries and uses. They help improve efficiencies, as well as provide real-time data for better management and security.

A good safety tagging system will provide this functionality through the use of unique numbering and QR or RFID technology. The unique numbering gives each tag its own identity, whilst the QR or RFID technology allows for the scanning and tracking of the tag.

At REGALTAGS, we deliver unique numbering with our tagging systems, alongside the option of QR and RFID. If traceability is something your business values and want to discover more, contact our team today.

RFID tags

4. Sustainability

With a growing concern for the health of our environment globally, more and more businesses are adopting sustainable solutions to help meet the demands of today’s expectations. Therefore, sustainability should be a consideration in almost every single business move – and safety tagging systems are no different.

With REGALTAGS, all our tags are 100% recyclable. But that’s not all, we’re also a zero-to-landfill company.

5.  messaging and imagery

The choice of text and imagery on Tags is very important to them being effective. The ultimate lesson to remember is that less is more. Simple and direct messaging is far more likely to be taken note of over long and detailed sentences. Often, a symbol can replace a whole line of text.

Another point to consider is the common language spoken where your Tags are being used. REGALTAGS can assist with this requirement by offering dual-language Tags to ensure as many as possible understand the message.

6. Multi-part solutions

In order to achieve maximum safety with tasks such as machinery maintenance, the most important element comes with being aware of the process in place. Essentially, knowing exactly what has and what hasn’t already been carried out is absolutely crucial.

So, when there are several steps involved with mitigating potential risks, multi-part safety tags (also known as tear-off tags or traffic light tags) are essential. Not only do they provide a way to make your process ‘fail-proof’ but provide a physical audit trail which is clear to review.

Our Flange Tag solution has been designed to fit seamlessly with existing processes, helping teams stay in control of their multi-part processes.

7. Tag storage

Whilst all of the above should be considered for an effective safety tagging system, it can only be effective if you have the tags available as and when they’re required. To make sure you always have enough tags to hand, explore the possibility of a Tag Station.

Not only do they provide a clear location and visual of tag stocks, but also act as a clear reminder of the system that are in use. This makes accessing the tags straight forward for staff, whilst making sure the systems in place aren’t forgotten.

tag station


Are you looking for a safety tagging system that you can rely on? Do you need help with your critical operations? Then talk to our expert team today. With a library of over 12,000 tagging systems, experienced advisors, and in-house manufacturing, we can ensure a reliable and speedy service your business deserves.


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