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Case Study: TUFFXTREME Wallets

Braden Lewis

The problem

Storing important documents such as permits in extreme weather conditions can be a major challenge.

Many standard document wallets simply won’t last the required duration. Document wallets are commonly made from PVC which will go brittle when exposed to low temperatures. This can then result in the wallet shattering under impact meaning the enclosed documents are exposed to the elements. In addition, standard document wallets often are sealed with a zip. This in turn can be very difficult to operate if the wallet is in cold conditions or if the operator is wearing gloves.



The TUFFXTREME Wallet has been designed and manufactured to overcome this challenge. This wallet is manufactured from a very durable material which remains flexible even in sub-zero temperatures. It also has coloured binding around the edges to increase durability and also visibility. The coloured binding also provides fixing loops around the wallet for a secure fixing to prevent damage from movement in the wind, plus it avoids using eyelets which rust. Instead of a zip closure, the TUFFXTREME Wallet has a large Velcro pocket plus a smaller Velcro pocket which is ideal for keys. Whilst many document wallets will be only slightly larger than A4 size, this new wallet has been increased in size to make it easier for multiple sheets to be inserted.


The below testimonial is from an asset in the North Sea which has trialled the TUFFXTREME Wallet:

“The TuffXtreme Wallet has now been proven to stand up to daily use and has a far greater longevity over previous styles. Typically other wallets seemed to fail at the slider opening which would burst and the plastic hardened and was susceptible to cracking/tearing especially in colder conditions which increased the failure rate. We would normally only get a couple of days use, a week if lucky out of our current wallets whereas the TuffXtreme Wallet has been lasting in excess of 6 weeks in most cases.
The increased width dimension greatly improves the usability of the wallets which now can comfortably accommodate in excess of 20 A4 sheets which is routinely needed during daily work activities. This increased width, along with the top opening Velcro flap, means that the wallet can be opened/closed and have paperwork inserted/replaced while still wearing gloves which is a great improvement over the small slider type closing mechanism.

OIM, North Sea Asset


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