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FPSO: Why safety tagging systems are so important

Braden Lewis

Safety of personnel and protection of costly assets are an overriding concern for FPSOs. We explore how safety tagging systems can minimise risk and offer protection in some of the world's most dangerous working conditions.

A combination of remote locations, use of complex equipment and the production of highly hazardous resources makes operating on an FPSO one of world’s most dangerous working conditions.

Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen. But it’s crucial that those operating in such potentially dangerous environments are given everything they need to complete their job to a maximum degree of safety.

This all starts with sufficient training and regular testing of equipment, but what else can be done to ensure the safety of workers offshore?

Safety tagging control systems are one of many ways to control hazards and minimise risk in the workplace. They offer a simple yet effective way to identify vulnerabilities until they are no longer a threat to the workforce.

In this article, we explore the importance of safety tagging systems further and what they have to offer for FPSOs.

1. Managing machine down time

Machinery is a big part of an FPSO operation – and with machinery comes the need for routine maintenance work. Whether it be a pump being used to circulate mud in an oil rig, or a conveyor belt used to transport goods in offshore storage, there comes a time where equipment needs to be shut down and worked on.

In this scenario, a Lockout Safety Tag could be applied to the machine, notifying others of the ongoing maintenance work. This will then prevent the machine from being powered on, which could otherwise cause serious harm to the maintenance team or the equipment itself.

In short, providing a clear, visual marker that indicates a machines status will significantly reduce the risk of incidents in the workplace.

Lockout System

2. Compliance with equipment inspection laws

There comes a risk with handling equipment, which is why health and safety laws place a number of specific obligations on those providing, controlling, and using certain equipment at work.

As an example, LOLER refers to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 and places responsibility on duty holders to ensure that any lifting equipment is safe and undergoes regular, thorough inspections.

This means that any lifting equipment used in FPSO environments must be thoroughly inspected and recorded in line with its set examination times.

Fortunately, Inspection Tags make this easy. Designed to record equipment information, the location of inspection, dates, and personnel responsible for each check-up, Inspection Tags allow you to keep track of everything needed, so that you can stay compliant.

Lifting Equipment

3. Ensuring effective communication of various hazards

When working in an FPSO environment, you’ll be aware of the potential dangers that surround you. From flammable areas to contamination risks, through to machine faults, failures and defects, there’s always something to be wary of.

Of course, common sense and training is essential for protection against potential dangers, but in order to maximise safety, effective communication is a number one priority – and safety tagging solutions provide a form of this visually. With critical information clearly displayed, workers can gain an immediate understanding of the situation in front of them. Colour coding in safety tags can also provide safety benefits, telling workers exactly what they are walking into.

Hazard tape

FPSO Safety Tagging Systems from REGALTAGS

At REGALTAGS, we help those working in the harshest environments worldwide. Our range of custom safety tagging systems deliver a long-lasting and sustainable form of employee and equipment protection. From Flange Tags, Inspection Tags and Lockout Tags, through to Isolation Tags, RFID Tags and Security Tags, we have your tagging needs covered.

Why not create your own tag through our custom tag builder, or contact our expert team with any questions you have. We’re more than happy to guide you through our process and offer all the support you need to get started.


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