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Durable tagging solutions: Why you need long-lasting tags in harsh environments

Braden Lewis

Industries working in harsh environments must protect their workforce from potential hazards. That’s where durable tagging solutions come in.

Industries working in harsh environments must protect their workforce from potential hazards. Safety procedures are required in these environments to protect people from tragic accidents, and keep operations running efficiently.

That’s where durable tagging solutions come in.

But why do you need long-lasting tags in harsh environments, and which industries need durable tags the most? We explore the topic further in this article.

Which industries use tagging solutions?

Durable tags are used by critical industries working in the harshest environments around the world. Tagging solutions are commonly used by brands working in the following sectors:

  • Oil & gas
    The oil & gas industry is an extremely hazardous environment to operate in. Complex operations are regularly carried out, alongside ongoing maintenance procedures, and there is a high risk of failure that can have a devastating impact.

    Oil and gas extraction operations experiences some of the earth’s most extreme conditions, including sub-zero temperatures and powerful winds in the North Sea, and the blazing sun in the Middle East.

  • Refineries & pipelines
    Personnel working in refineries will be familiar with the relentless maintenance programme required to transport oils through pipelines.

    Any error (no matter how small) can have huge consequences, with leaking substances harmful to the environment. If a large-scale leaks occurs, it causes significant down-time which can have major cost implications.

  • Water utilities
    When it comes to safety and compliance, the water utilities industry has a unique set of challenges to deal with. Maintaining miles of of complex water transportation pipelines requires a lot of specialist machinery - all of which must be kept in pristine condition so it is ready for use.

  • Energy
    The energy industry is one of the most essential industries in the world. Nearly all home, factories, and businesses rely on their output.

    This means that brands in the industry sector must ensure continuous maintenance to lessen the chance of unplanned power outages, which can have disastrous consequences.

    Keeping these huge operations in order is a critical mission, and requires clear coordination, diligent safety processes, and visual procedures.

  • Chemical manufacturing
    When it comes to the manufacturing of chemicals, most companies will settle for nothing less than ‘zero incidents’. One single leak poses massive risk to both humans and the environment.

    Alongside this, the industry works at high capacity to increase output, so any downtimes comes at a huge financial cost.

Why are durable tags needed?

Tagging systems, have many uses in these industries such as identifying and marking hazards until they are no longer a threat - thus preventing accidents in potentially hazardous situations, as well as allowing these industries to operate in a safe and efficient manner.

Another application is to ensure every step in any critical procedure is followed and to provide a clear audit trail of the works carried out.

But why do they need to be durable? Read on as we explore the benefits of using durable tagging solutions.

Benefits of durable tagging solutions

At REGALTAGS, our durable tags are developed from our very tough Prism Polypropylene material.

This extra-strong material is used exclusively for our tags, making it unlike any other tagging solutions on the market.

We have developed this material specifically to cope with some of the harshest conditions they have to face.

Here are some of the benefits you can experience from its unique properties.

  • UV resistant
    Tagging plays an extremely important role in minimising operational risk, so it’s vital that tagging solutions can be relied on in any environment - including places that experience intense sunlight.

    Tags made from Prism Polypropylene won’t fail over time under extreme sun exposure - meaning critical visual information won’t fade, tags won’t break, and businesses aren’t forced to constantly replace tags that aren’t performing.
  • Freeze resistant
    At REGALTAGS, we know that our customers also operate in environments that can experience sub-zero temperatures.

    That’s why it’s so important that our tags are freeze resistant. Unlike lower-quality alternatives, you can trust that our tags won’t go brittle and break in the cold.
  • Long lasting
    Durable tagging solutions have been specifically developed for tough environments, particularly the offshore industry, which can experience winds of 100mph+.

    With fierce waves and extreme temperatures to contend with too, it’s important that tags are resistant to corrosion.

    Prism Polypropylene tags have been tested in the most extreme of environments and industries around the world, proving that they are long lasting. You can rely on our tags to work when you need them to.
  • Cost effective
    Because our tags are made from extremely tough Prism Polypropylene, they’ll last longer - even in extreme conditions.

    By investing in durable tagging solutions, you can be confident that your tags will last for a long time, meaning you won’t need to regularly replace easily-broken, low-quality tags - saving your operation money in the long-term.
  • Environmentally sustainable
    At REGALTAGS, we know that our customers are doing their best to fulfil their environmental responsibilities, and we want to help in any way we can.

    Our durable tags are designed to outlast their expected lifetime, eliminating the need for replacements which causes unnecessary waste.

    Our tags are also developed using only 100% recyclable materials, so you can have peace of mind that your safety operation remains both safe and environmentally friendly.

Durable tagging solutions from REGALTAGS


  • These tags are very tough and are extremely flexible.
  • Well suited to lifting gear and sling inspections.
  • Withstands extreme conditions
  • Compliant with marking of fishing gear government guidelines (see guidance here)
  • Long-term identification in harsh environments.
  • UV & freeze resistant

Peel & Seal Tags

  • Weather resistant, customisable tagging solution.
  • Clear self-sealing layer provides durable protection over any labels applies to the tag - creating your own tough tags on demand!
  • A great alternative when information is not known in advance and tags cannot be manufactured in time.
  • Available in two standard sizes, or can be customised to your specific requirements.
  • UV & freeze resistant
Peel and Seal Tag

Metal Tags Stainless

  • Steel material for maximum durability.
  • These tags are used where data needs to be displayed for the lifetime of the equipments.
  • Can be engraved and colour-filled in almost any shape, size or colour.
  • Designed for offshore use, and can stand up to intense UV exposure, high winds, waves and extreme temperatures. 

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