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The Advantages of Customised Safety Tags for Occupational Health and Safety

Hollie Mansell

The benefits of customisable workplace safety tags, and how they can contribute to a safer work environment.

Employers have a responsibility to ensure that all employees are safeguarded from potential hazards and accidents in the workplace – especially in high-risk industries such as manufacturing, construction, and chemical processing. 

To mitigate these risks and ensure zero incidents, strict occupational safety procedures are enforced. Safety tagging systems play a crucial role in these workplace safety processes, providing visual cues and information about potential dangers or safety precautions.

Safety tags are commonly used to label equipment, machinery, and areas that require caution or specific safety measures. They come in various colours, shapes, and sizes, and can be customised to suit the unique needs of different work environments. 

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of customisable workplace safety tags, and how they can contribute to a safer work environment.

Customisable Safety Tags Vs Standard Safety Tags

Picture this: A large oil business that employs thousands of staff across multiple workplaces, orders a large batch of standard flange management tags to be used in all of their locations.

The problem: Most of the workers can’t read these standard tags due to language barriers, and these tags don’t address the unique safety challenges of each different workplace. This can cause confusion among personnel and lead to costly and potentially dangerous leaks. 

The solution: Customisable safety tags.

Customisable safety tags

Customisable tags are invaluable to large companies working within high-risk environments because they address each workplace’s unique set of safety challenges individually. This allows for better safety management, more efficient safety procedures, more effective audit trails, and a lowered risk of costly workplace incidents. Below we have listed 3 ways organisations can benefit from customisable safety tagging systems:

1. Customisable Safety Tags Address Company-Specific Procedures

Safety tags are only efficient if they are easy to use and provide all the right information. For multinational organisations, with workplaces in various locations, generic safety tags may not be suitable. This is because most likely, each workplace will present its own set of unique safety challenges and processes that generic tagging systems cannot adequately address. 

Custom safety tags can be designed to suit the needs and processes of each individual workplace, to ensure all safety hazards and potential dangers are adequately identified and addressed. For example, if an organisation has a range of workplaces each with different levels of risk, these workplaces will most likely have very different safety procedures to follow, which standard tagging systems won't cater to. 

Custom safety tags can be designed to match the colour-coding and labelling conventions that are specific to a particular workplace, making it easier for workers to identify hazards and take appropriate safety measures. This will enhance the effectiveness of the tagging system and contribute to a safer work environment for all.

custom safety tag builder

2. Custom Safety Tags Improve Reputation and Consistency

Customisable safety tags can be designed with brand-specific colours, terminology, and iconography to elevate continuity and consistency across all company locations and improve accountability and reputation.

When custom safety tags are used in a multinational organisation, they can provide a standardised system of labelling and communication across all locations. This can improve continuity between each workplace and help ensure that all workers are familiar with the labelling and warning systems, regardless of their location. Not only will this ensure all personnel are kept safe but will also allow companies to have more control over the quality of their safety management processes, which in turn can improve their reputation.

Build Your Custom Safety Tags with REGALTAGS

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3. Customised Safety Tags Cater to a Bilingual Workforce

It is extremely important to ensure that all workers on a job site clearly understand safety instructions, irrespective of their native language.

For multinational organisations or companies with a diverse workforce, language barriers can pose significant challenges in conveying critical information related to safety procedures and hazards.

Custom safety tags can be designed to address this issue by repeating the instructions in multiple languages, ensuring that every worker is aware of what is expected of them. Additionally, multilingual safety tags can help promote inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. This not only allows companies to improve the safety of their workforce but will also promote more harmonious working environments and improve employee productivity.

bilingual safety tags

Customise Your Own Tags with REGALTAGS

Designing a custom tag can be daunting, with a lot of things to think about. That’s why we’ve simplified the whole process with our online Custom Tag Builder. You can use this to sketch out your concept and submit it to our Tag designers to finalise.
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