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The 4 key benefits of custom lockout station

Laurel Sims

Lockout stations help reduce maintenance risks by increasing the impact of the lockout/tagout procedure. Customising a lockout station can make the lockout procedure seamless and efficient as well creating a safer procedure by reducing risk of injuries.

Lockout stations (also known as shadow boards, or lockout boards) are the best place to store lockout/tagout equipment, e.g. padlocks or tags.

During a lockout/tagout process, many pieces of equipment are used and it’s easy for items to get disorganised or lost, and the lockout procedure long and complicated.

Lockout Boards are organised with allotted places for each piece of equipment so that lockout devices can be easy to locate at any time. Supervisors to keep track of lockout equipment and save workers time when on the job.

Lockout stations make any shutdown or turnaround a shorter process, providing great benefits to the procedure:

Improved productivity - having so many different Tools can make it hard to locate the exact ones you want; however, the lockout station makes devices easy to locate, designed to fit all your frequently used tagout equipment on one board, so no time is wasted looking for misplaced tools.

Easily trackable –it’s easy to track which pieces of equipment are in use at any time. If the Lockout station has an empty space, it’s very noticeable that lockout equipment is missing. Supervisors can track progress of the lockout procedure just by looking at the lockout station.

Personalisation – this can involve being able to track who uses the equipment, this improves accountability allowing supervisors to easily see when a job is complete. Improving accountability means that items are less likely to be lost or need replacing.

regaltags lockout board

what are the 4 key benefits?

1) It’s the safest way to improve lockout processes.

 Lockout stations guarantee maximum safety, addressing all hazards to avoid unnecessary inconvenience or injury.

When you know your existing lockout processes already work, don’t risk amending them to try and suit an off-the-shelf standard lockout station. 

It’s more effective to make the board suit the process. ORGBORD is built for your workplace -customisable in almost any size or design, including your logo. These lockout boards are designed to fit in with existing lockout procedures, ensuring a safe workplace for employees during the lockout tagout process.

2) Quicker to implement into your operations.

Lockout Stations are designed off-site to ensure that they are correctly suited to your workplace procedures. It can be fitted on site and customised to store existing equipment on the board.

No re-training is required to ensure workers understand a new lockout system, this Lockout station is convenient and simple to implement. This allows the lockout station to slot straight into your operations and be effective from day one.

3) More visual for increased effectiveness. 

A lockout board allows you to store lockout equipment in highly visual locations. Customising lockout boards with contrasting design to stand out increase’s awareness of the lockout/tagout process. This in turn reduces the likelihood of accidents and creating a safer working environment.

Including corporate branding, shows you’re serious about this system and prepared to create a system specially for the job and improves control over quality of safety management processes, building your reputation. Adding your company logo to the board proves you really care about employee’s safety too.

4) Improve efficiencies in lockout tagout procedure.

Lockout boards help establish more efficient lockout procedures. Having this central point to store lockout equipment ensures that the specific tools and lockout devices are readily available, this saves time searching the work site for lost items.

Lockout boards create organised, tidy and safe workplace during a lockout tagout procedure, It makes best use of your space, with floor standing, desk standing and wall mounted options available, to minimise the risk of harm during the tagout/lockout process.

Want to buy a lockout station?

REGALTAGS have huge amount of experience in customised lockout tagout procedures.

The ORGBORD is a fully customisable lockout station - an innovation with convenience in mind. Speak to our advisors for help setting up a custom lockout station or request a quick quote.

See more info on the full ORGBORD range here and download our inspiration brochure of over 60 ORGBORD designs.


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