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6 Essential lockout systems and how they keep your business safe

Braden Lewis

From Padlocks and Hasps, through to Reusable Cable Lockouts and more, there are several lockout systems your business could benefit from. Here's 5 essential ones, and how they keep your business safe.

The term ‘lockout systems’ refers to the products and procedures used to ensure that equipment is shut down properly until maintenance or repair work is completed. Essentially, they are used to keep employees safe from machinery and equipment that could otherwise cause serious harm or even death if not managed safely.

From Padlocks and Hasps, through to Reusable Cable Lockouts and more, there are several lockout systems your business could benefit from.

So, whether you’re familiar with lockout systems already, or are just starting off, here are 5 essential lockout systems for your business and how they can keep you safe.

1. Padlocks & Hasps

When applying lockout systems to machinery or equipment, a Safety Padlock can be used to secure the lockout system in place. This prevents the source that is being ‘locked off’ from being used. So, in order for the source to be accessed again, both the Safety Padlock and the supporting lockout system (whether that be a cable lockout, hasp, or any other lockout device) must be removed.

Padlocks can be used in combination with Lockout Hasps which allow multiple padlocks to be applied to one lockout position. This provides a fantastic way to protect everyone where multiple personnel are involved.

At REGALTAGS, our Safety Padlocks can be engraved and colour-filled with sequential numbers or technicians’ names, giving each worker a unique and identifiable way of ‘locking out’ – which comes extremely beneficial when used in combination with hasps. As well, all Safety Padlocks from REGALTAGS are available with master key, keyed alike, or keyed to differ options, allowing you and your team to coordinate a hierarchy of control according to the qualifications of your technicians.

2. Reusable Cable Lockouts

Cable Lockouts are extremely versatile lockout devices. They consist of a strong, flexible cable which can be passed around a range of prime isolating devices, such as valve wheels, levers, and electrical switchgear handles.

As an eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and convenient option, Reusable Cable Lockouts are the best option if your organisation is focused on eliminating waste. Not only do they eliminate the need to throw away and re-stock cable lockouts, costing your business money, but they are better for the environment too.

At REGALTAGS, our Reusable Cable Lockouts feature a ribbed edge design that allows for easy tightening of the mechanism by hand. The lockouts benefit from an internal grip to clamp the cable and ensure it remain secure until released.

Like the padlocks, our Reusable Cable Lockouts are available in a range of colours to allow for colour coding to suit your applications.

3. Group Lock Boxes

Group Lock Boxes are lockout systems used as part of a multi-worker activity when maintenance is being carried out on machinery or equipment. Their purpose is to be a secure holding place for safety padlock keys which are used during the lockout procedure.

Here's an overview of how your operation could utilise Group Lock Boxes. 

Typically, an authorized worker would lock out the equipment with the correct locks or padlocks, and then they would put the keys into the lock box.

All personnel who are involved in works on the equipment would put their personal lock onto the box. Then, once each worker completes their work on the equipment, they remove their lock from the group lockout box. 

Once all workers have removed their locks from the box, the authorized worker can access the key and unlock the equipment. 

Using Group Lock Boxes in a busy environment, where multiple people are working on the equipment, is an excellent way to ensure maintenance work is carried out in a controlled, monitored and safe manner. 

At REGALTAGS, our wide range of Lock Boxes are available in both portable and wall-mounted options, as well as multiple shapes, sizes and colours. Choose from an organised box with key hooks, or a secure container capable of holding hundreds of keys. Whatever your lockout needs, we have a lock box to suit your requirements.

4. Gate Valve Lockouts

Gate Valve Lockouts are simple and effective lockout systems used as a way to ensure your valve wheel cannot be tampered with during maintenance and any other works downstream. They are placed over the valve wheel to fully encase it, which prevents any operation.

The Gardus™ Gate Valve Lockouts from REGALTAGS offer a durable and rigid covering for all valve wheel sizes. Once fixed into position, the Gate Valve Lockouts can be secured with Safety Padlocks and rotate freely around the wheel to prevent any workers opening or closing the valve while locked out.

5. ORGBORD® Lockout Stations

Strictly speaking, this isn’t a lockout system, but it can be used to assist with your lockout procedures.

An ORBORD® is a wall or frame mounted board to keep all of your regularly accessed tools, equipment, information, permits, or padlocks in one place. They are completely customisable and designed to suit both indoor and extreme outdoor applications.

ORGBORDs can be designed to suit your organisations’ procedures and requirements, with company colours and logos options available too.

When it comes to supporting your lockout procedures, ORGBORD Lockout Boards can be used to store Padlocks, Tags, and Hasps either centrally or near frequently isolated equipment. The OGBORD Lockout Board clearly show the correct lockouts, any missing equipment, and even tracks who has taken any lockouts.

lockout board

6. ladder lockout system

The Ladder Lockout is a safety system that restricts unauthorised personnel from using a ladder. Attached with stainless steel hooks at the top. Its then secured at the bottom using a cable lockout device, giving you the option of a padlock to suit your existing LOTO procedures.

It has a customisable face plate which provides a large area for critical safety messages, as well as a range of colours and designs, suited to your workplace. The faceplate is also made from strong yet flexible material, making it easy to store.

This ladder lockout is a convenient safety system. Being simple to install and an all-weatherproof product, it’s UV and freeze resistant to suit harsh freezing temperatures as well as hot sunny climates. Ladder lockout system is one of the best ways to enhance safety and reduce injuries, making your working environment a safer place.

Lockout systems from REGALTAGS

Taking control of your organisation’s lockout procedures can be done efficiently through the use of our lockout systems at REGALTAGS. With a wide range of products designed to suit a number of environments and applications, as well as customisation options, we can provide all you need for safer working conditions.

If you’re looking for lockout systems that you can rely on, get in touch with our expert team at REGALTAGS today – we’re just a call or click away.


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