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4 Critical Tagging Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Braden Lewis

We explore the top 3 types of tagging solutions available for the oil and gas industry, what they do, and why your organisation should implement them to ensure a safer working environment.

If you work within the oil and gas industry, you will understand how hazardous it can be. With major complex operations being carried out alongside continual ongoing maintenance in adverse weather and temperature conditions, there is always a high risk of failure with a devastating impact on operators. These environments are tough and therefore require equally tough tagging solutions to ensure complete safety.

In this article, we will be exploring three tagging solutions used in the oil and gas industry that are essential for keeping procedures running smoothly and safely.

1.    Flange Tags

Keeping on top of multiple critical procedures in the hazardous oil and gas environment can pose serious risks. But with cautious process management planning, you can ensure that your staff, machinery, and facilities are operating safely and efficiently.

For those operating in the oil and gas industry, Flange Tags are an essential tool used to communicate the current status of a flange inspection or management process through a highly visual record, one step at a time.  

With their perforated tear-off sections, Flange Tags ensure that no important steps are missed during your maintenance procedures. Flange Tags are applied at the beginning of a project, and as each stage of the maintenance process is completed, a section is pulled off. 

This is an important part of achieving 100% leak-free start-ups, leak testing, and ongoing joint maintenance.

flange tag

2.    Isolation Tags

In oil and gas environments that can be vulnerable to potential hazards, it’s important that your workforce is informed of safety measures and aware of individual responsibility.

Isolation Tags are an important component in any mechanical or electrical isolation procedure. They provide immediate feedback on the current operation status and are used to prevent accidental or unintentional system activation. Isolation Tags make these processes easy for you and your team, as they place the responsibility onto a named individual and encourage awareness and compliance.


3.    Ex Inspection Tags

A workforce that operates in explosive atmospheres, where chemicals and hazardous substances are present, can be at an increased risk of injury and death. To mitigate the risk and ensure the safety of workers, ATEX inspections must be carried out.

Implementing EXTAGS® inspection tags help workers identify the ex-inspection status of all equipment in ATEX environments. These tags show details of what degree of inspection has been carried out, whether it be ‘visual’, ‘close’ or 'detailed'—to ensure all work personnel are kept informed and safe.

ex inspection for ATEX inspections

4. Scaffolding INSPECTION tags

In the oil and gas industry, working with scaffolding can pose serious potential risks if regular maintenance and inspections are not carried out. In accordance with the Work at Height Regulations 2005, scaffolding must be inspected at least every seven days or following adverse weather or major modifications. Using a visible scaffold inspection tag system is a useful supplement to inspection reports. It ensures those who need access to the scaffold know that it has been inspected and is safe to use. Scaffolding inspection tag holders can also be used to provide the most reliable solution for extreme environments. 

Safety tagging systems from REGALTAGS

Taking control of your organisation’s maintenance and safety processes can be achieved through the use of safety tagging solutions. Here at REGALTAGS, we help brands in the oil and gas industry, as well as brands working in the harshest environments worldwide through customised safety tagging solutions.

If you are searching for tagging solutions to support your critical operations, we can help. Get in touch with one of our expert advisors today.


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