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4 major benefits of Joint Integrity Software

Braden Lewis

In this article, we explore the four major benefits of Joint Integrity Software and how our Flange Tag products can be used in combination for maximum joint visibility.

If you work in the oil and gas industry, you’ll know how massive the environmental and economic effects of a leak free system can be. However, a typical refinery or chemical plant will emit 600-700 tones of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from leaking equipment, such as valves, connectors, pumps, and compressors per year.

Joint Integrity Software (also known as Flange Management Software) allows you to capture data, analyse, and report all activities related to the inspection, maintenance, and testing of equipment prone to leaks.

In this article, we explore the four major benefits of Joint Integrity Software and how our Flange Tag products can be used in combination for maximum joint visibility.

1. Joint Integrity Software gives you real-time updates

Many Joint Integrity software solutions provide a seamless, collaborative, and cloud-based solution. It allows for the full use of mobile, handheld devices across site. This means data can be collected on site and instantly fed back to the central control room. The status of thousands of joints can then be monitored simultaneously providing an accurate overview of the job’s progress.

On popular way handheld devices are integrated to a central software is through using QR codes. These allow data to be recorded quickly through the use of a camera/ scanner on the device.

2. Joint Integrity Software provides a high level of quality control

Using a good Joint Integrity Management system gives you a high level of control over the success of the project. One reason for this is due to the real-time reports coming from works being carried out on site.

It also improves quality control as it reduces the risk of human error. Reading or inputting data is a easy mistake to make, yet it can have huge implications when we’re talking about flanged joints on pipework carrying hazardous fluids. With the likes of QR codes, all data is consistent throughout the whole process and human input is minimised reducing that risk.

3. Joint Integrity Software ensures a leak-free start-up

Achieving a leak-free start-up is key to reducing costs and meeting scheduled or early demobilisation of the workforce. Optimal Joint Integrity Software ensures you carry out leak-free start-ups by encouraging best practice when working on a bolted connection joint. Each step in the joint break and reassembly can be clearly spelled out to ensure everything is complete.

4. Joint Integrity Software allows you to be commercially competitive

Plant owners can apply contract penalties to EPC contractors for the late handover of a project. These delays can easily be caused if leaks found during start-ups as these result in rework and recertification of joints. With the threat of penalty charges, it makes it doubly important to be confident in the ability to achieve a 100% leak-free start up every time.

So, with the major benefits of Joint Integrity Software covered, let’s explore how Flange Tags can be integrated into your system.

The use of REGALTAGS Flange Tags with Joint Integrity Software

With both planned shutdowns and new installations having many flange points to check, it’s extremely important that each point’s status is known and recorded.

At REGALTAGS, we provide Flange Tag solutions that provide the information needed to record the status of any joint, safely, and efficiently. With the ability to completely customise your own Flange Tags, our Tag advisors can help create a Tagging solution that fits seamlessly into your existing process.

Using our VARiTAG technology, we can combine any type of QR codes or Barcodes into your Flange Tags, allowing for seamless integration with the JIMS system. This means that with just a quick scan, you can achieve full visibility into each joint.

Looking for a Flange Tag solution that can work in combination with Joint Integrity software? Our experienced tag advisors are happy to help. We’ll share the best practices across the industry, ensuring you get the most up-to-date flange tag solution for your requirements.

Get in touch with REGALTAGS today for a Flange Tag solution you can rely on.


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