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Top 3 tagging solutions for the water utilities industry

Braden Lewis

We explore the top 3 types of tagging solutions available for the water utilities industry, what they do, and why your organisation should adopt them into your process.

The water utilities industry employs huge distances of pipelines and complex processing plants, which requires a lot of specialist machinery that must be kept in pristine condition and ready for use.

Not to mention, many of the parts used in the maze of water transportation pipelines are found in remote locations, and are constantly assaulted by brutal weather conditions.

Ensuring machinery, pipelines and plant are safely maintained and ready for use is a critical mission, but it’s not always an easy task.

One way to ensure your organisation is prepared for regular maintenance is through the use of safety tagging solutions, which support organisations in the water utilities industry in preventing accidents or hazardous situations.

In this article, we explore the top 3 types of tagging solutions available for the water utilities industry, what they do, and why your organisation should adopt them into your process.


Plant and equipment is a hugely important part of a water utilities organisations’ day-to-day process. When equipment is involved, it must be maintained routinely.

This is where TUFFX® Tags can help. TUFFX® Tags are a highly visual type of tagging solution, which are attached to plant and equipment.

TUFFX® Tags are extremely durable, manufactured from a rubber-type polyurethane material meaning you can be confident they’ll stay attached even in rough, outdoor environments where your heavy machinery and plant is located.

Their smooth surface helps keep these critical tags clean and visible, so you and your team can easily find the important information you need.

Our TUFFX® Tags allow for customisable print, meaning they can be utilised for a wide range of applications. For example, TUFFX® Tags can be used as an inspection tag, or it can be used to display an important safety warning message. With a wide range of colours and customisable print available, there's also opportunity to colour code items for quick visual identification.

tuffx tags

2. Flange Tags

Keeping on top of multiple critical procedures in the hazardous water utilities environment can be high risk. But with some cautious process management planning, you can ensure that your staff, machinery and plant are operating safely and efficiently.

That’s where Flange Tags come in. For those operating in the water utilities industry, Flange Tags are a highly visual tagging solution that can be used to manage joint management systems.

With their perforated tear-off sections, Flange Tags ensure that no important steps are missed during your maintenance procedures. Flange Tags are applied at the beginning of a project, and as each stage of the maintenance process is completed, a section is pulled off.

This is an important part of achieving 100% leak-free start-ups, leak testing and ongoing joint maintenance.

flange tags


EXTAGS® are designed from the outset to provide a highly visual identification of equipment inspections in ATEX environments, such as are present in the water utilities industry.

Our EXTAGS® are UV and freeze resistant, which helps them to maintain their highly visual aspect throughout their lifetime. You can be confident that your EXTAGS® won’t break or fade, and can be relied on to identify equipment inspection status for years.

This visual design aspect is especially useful when EXTAGS® are used in high-up or difficult-to-reach areas, meaning you can see the status at a glance.

In a harsh environment like the water utilities industry, it’s also important that tagging solutions are durable enough to withstand all aspects of their outdoor surroundings - including wildlife. We’ve heard cases before from clients that have had previous problems with birds attacking their outdoors cables!

Thankfully, our EXTAGS® are made from very strong Prism Polypropylene, which is extremely durable and will resist attack from harsh outdoor elements, such as aggressive weather and curious wildlife.

Additionally, our EXTAGS® can incorporate Barcode and QR codes so your tags can integrate in with asset management systems.


Ensure safe maintenance with Safety Tagging Solutions

Taking control of your organisation’s maintenance and safety processes can be achieved through the use of safety tagging solutions. Here at REGALTAGS, we help brands in the water utilities industry, as well as brands working in the harshest environments worldwide through customised safety tagging solutions.

If you are searching for tagging solutions to support your critical operations, we can help. Get in touch with one of our expert advisors today.


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