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Tagging systems: 3 ways to prevent accidents in the workplace

Braden Lewis

Facilities in the workplace are often full of mechanical, electrical, and chemical sources that can be prone to natural dangers. Dangers that when not managed correctly, may cause employees serious harm, or even result in death. Because of this, it’s essential to identify these sources and take precautionary measures that provide safety for you and your colleagues.

An effective way to go about this and take control of your organisation’s safety is through the use of tagging systems. These are used to successfully identify and mark hazards as a way to prevent accidents in potentially dangerous situations.

With that said, here are three different ways tagging systems can be used to prevent such accidents in the workplace.

1. Lockout tagging systems

Machinery is a big part of many companies’ day-to-day operations – and with machinery, comes the need for routine maintenance work. Whether that be a pump used in an oil rig, or a conveyor belt in a production line, the individual or team performing this maintenance work may need to access parts of the machine that pose dangers when live, meaning a shutdown of the machine is required for safety. It’s extremely important that only once the shutdown has taken place can any maintenance personnel safely begin their work.

To reinforce this message, and to help further improve safety, Lockout Tags can be applied to machinery, letting operators know it’s out of use for servicing. This prevents anyone from powering on the machine, which could otherwise cause harm to the maintenance team (or themselves) if the machine is faulty.

At REGALTAGS, our Locked Open / Closed Tags are ideal for use in these situations. They provide a clear visual marker to indicate the machines status, reducing the risk of incidents and danger to the workforce. Our Lockout Tags are extremely durable and can be customised to suit your requirements, allowing you to present a consistent safety message that is easy to read.

2. Inspection tags

Where machinery needs routine maintenance work, regular inspections are important too. Inspections reduce the chance of equipment failing and aim to spot any potential problems before they become a threat to employees. Without inspections, a machine or piece of equipment could fail and result in serious harm.

But it’s not just about ensuring these inspections are complete. Keeping track of what and when something has been inspected is as equally important as conducting the inspections themselves. Because knowing what has and has not been inspected, as well as what the results were for each inspection is vital for maximising safety.

The good news is, Inspection Tags make this extremely easy to do. Designed to identify the piece of equipment, location of inspection, dates, and personnel responsible for each check-up, Inspection tagging systems allow you to record everything needed.

Whether that be for the inspection of scaffolding, gas cylinders, ladders, or lifting equipment – Inspection Tags are a must when it comes to safeguarding personnel.

3. Isolation tags

In work environments that can be vulnerable to potential hazards, such as mechanical or electrical sources, it’s important that colleagues are informed with safety measures and aware of individual responsibility. If not, operational statuses become confused, and the chance of injuries rise.

Fortunately, though, tagging systems like Isolation Tags can be used to solve any miscommunication between a workforce and present a clear operation status of the machine or equipment it’s attached to. This allows for greater control over mechanical and electrical isolation procedures, whilst eliminating downtime through effective communication.

At REGALTAGS, we have a range Tags for Isolations including Thermally printable isolation Tags. These are tear-resistant and protected against UV fading making them perfect for use in harsh conditions. They’re durable and customisable to suit the needs of your isolation procedure and are compatible with most mainstream ISSOW software including eVision and Enablon.

Isolation Tag

Customise your safety tagging systems with REGALTAGS

Taking control of your organisation’s safety processes and preventing accidents in the workplace can be done easily and efficiently through the use of safety tagging solutions. At REGALTAGS®, we help brands working in the harshest environments by offering the most durable, custom safety tagging solutions.

If you’re looking for a solution that help control your procedures and maximise safety, get in touch with our team of experts today. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have and would love to hear from you.


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